Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pictures from our trip

Here are some various snapshots from the trip. A beautiful sunset in Garrison Bay, San Juan Isl. Tyler B. fishing at sunset, Matthew and PaPa take down the Canadian courtesy flag down as we reenter the USA, Elaine at the helm (going about 7 knots). And other pretty pics.

Wow what an adventure we had. We saw Orcas, dolphins, eagles, seals, and whales. I saw some of the most breath taking mountains you could imagine. We "battled" the Johnstone Strait in 25 knots of wind. We sailed our new boat and it is a dream to sail. I got to share the adventure with my husband, son, and part with my older son and 2 grandchildren, and met some wonderful folks. This will be a trip I will not soon forget.

Happy Birthday Tyler

We celebrate Tyler's 8th birthday Aug. 3rd) with a cake! We are in beautiful Village Bay. We took a hike up the creek to a bluff that overlooks a lake. The boys enjoyed a fresh water dip in a swimming hole along the creek. The hike was a little more brisk than the guide led us to believe. Attached are some misc. pictures. We are having a great time on the boat, the boys are catching fish, swimming. We saw another whale, not a Orca, Tyler (who is a marine animal expert) says it is a humpback. Matt got a good picture, I will post it when he gets it to me.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bryson boys come for a visit

We meet up with Matt, Matthew Jr. and Tyler in Lund. We then head for Prideax Haven. Although it is raining, it is warm. We find a great anchor and have a good dinner (see picture). We are now in Hariot Bay marina. The pub has free wi-fi. We are going to have dinner and listen to the local music. Spencer, Matthew and Tyler are crabbing off the dock thanks to some friendly Canada's who lent them a crab pot.

They also had fun the first night when they all caught at least 2 rock fish (catch and release). tomorrow is Tyler's 8th birthday, we will celebrate with a cake on the boat. Just met Joe in the pub here and he told me to tell you all he is great. (not sure if that is true, but what the heck.)
Matt brought 2 batteries to make a temporary repair for our bad ones. The fix seems to be working for now. The Outbound company is great, they are going to replace the others when we return to Seattle.