Sunday, June 29, 2008

Return from Port Ludlow

All systems are a go. We had a great trip back to Seattle. Everything seems to be working. It was a great day to sail as we heard it was over 90 degrees in Seattle. We saw a Navy aircraft carrier along the way. We think if was an older one as it seemed small, as aircraft carries go. Just a few minor "spats" as we learn to sail this beast, of course Mel is always always at the helm, which leaves me pulling the sheets (that's the lines that move the sail from side to side) or hoisting the halyards (that's the lines that lift the sails up and down), then he sits back and takes the glory. (Just kidding, he is the one who goes out and untangles the lines and who is the only one who really knows what we are doing, I'm just brooding a bit). All in All it was a good day, we have a bit of color in our cheek (Mel is beet red) and the boat is safely back in its slip. I have a glass of wine and all is good.

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First Mate PJ Baker said...

You or Mel should write something about the origin of the name. Have a great trip, I look forward to reading about it.
PJ Baker