Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chatter Box Falls and other pictures....

We have been having a great summer. After leaving Bowen Island we have cruised around the Gulf Island, Sunshine Coast, and The San Juan's.

One of the highlights was our trip to Chatter Box Falls. This is our second time there and it is truly a magical place, with breath-taking beauty! It is located at the end of Princess Louisa Inlet which is North of Vancouver B.C.
At the entrance to the inlet is a Young Life camp/lodge. Mel went there for two summers when he was a teen. On our way out we stopped for a visit as they give tours. Since we toured the grounds on our last trip we opted just to get ice cream and visit the store.
The rest of the trip has been spent getting to know our boat, we sail when there is wind, even if it is not blowing in the direction we want to go. We have learned so much about how to set our sails and how she rides in various wind conditions.
We have routinely seen: Eagles, dolphins, seals, and once Orca whales.
I am posting various pictures. The water fall is Chatter box....
We are currently in Port Townsend (yes, again) Mel is visiting his Mother and will check in with Spencer and bring our Grandson, Tyler back with him to spend a few days on the boat with us.

I return to work on Aug. 17th so my vacation is almost up. Mel will stay on the boat and hopefully do more sailing and/or get things done on the boat.

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