Friday, October 1, 2010

San Diego

I am sorry that I have neglected to update our blog for a while. As many of you know we arrived home on September 11th to take care of land-based business and to see our son Spencer off to college at Southern Oregon University.
We arrived safe and sound in San Diego on September 6th. Mazu is are in Kona Kai marina while we are home. Here is a synopsis of our trip from Marina Del Rey to San Diego.

After we left Marina Del Rey we had a fantastic sail to Catalina Island. Along the way we were treated to a whale show. We must have seen at least 5 whales. I will soon try to put a link up from my flip video.

Catalina Island is very pretty and we ended staying there for 4 nights.
We then sailed to Oceanside. It was fun to see my cousin Eileen and her family. The Oceanside marina was full of activity. It was one of our favorite stops. I also took the train to visit my sister Sharon and her husband Dennis.

Getting to San Diego marks the end of of first part of this unbelievable journey we have decided to take. We are so grateful to all the support of our friends and family. A huge help to us here in San Diego has been Frank Slater owner of Outbound "Ocean Dancer". We have just met Frank but he welcomed us on the first day we arrived as if we have been friends for years. It is great to have someone here that is so knowledgeable of the boating community and services,as we have several finishing touches to accomplish on the boat to get her ready for Mexico.

We return to Mazu on Oct. 2nd. and will finish up projects and provision her for the trip. We set sail for Mexico on October 25th.

Again thank you all for your support and comments. Please keep in touch... Love, Elaine

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Marne said...

Hi Elaine and Mel,
I have been catching up on your writings and pictures the last couple of days, and it is so interesting to see what you are doing. You tell a good story and the pics are fabulous. I especially enjoyed the underwater ones from 11/26. Did you take those too?

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun swimming with the sea lions and snorkeling. I took a couple of cruises to Mexico(one 5 years ago and the other one 2 years ago) about this time of year so can just feel that warm sunshine you are feeling as we are "enjoying" our usual Oregon rainy time of year. Brrrr.....

Keep writing those amazing stories and showing us the wonderful pictures. It is so nice to see what you are up to.

Take care and THANK YOU!


Marne & Gary Wilson