Saturday, May 2, 2015 Mazu is on the move

Mazu is on the move!
Mazu is on its way from Fiji to Hawaii. I was in Fiji to meet the crew and prepare her for her voyage. Wow, did we ever find a great crew in John, Roy, and Geoff (Bones). All great sailors, and they sure know their way around a boat! 
I was able to take a final South Pacific cruise with her and the crew from Denarau to Savu Savu. It was a beautiful 3 days with rainbows following us. Once in Savu Savu we refueled, and prepared Mazu for her voyage.
The plan was the crew was to leave on Friday April 17 (yes a Friday, we are not superstitious) but the weather was not cooperating, with high winds, seas and raining buckets.  Unfortunately I had a flight out of Savu Savu to return home so, I said my goodbyes on Saturday morning, Mazu left Fiji on Monday April 20th.
We receive regular reports from the guys and all is well. After the initial high wind days out of Fiji, Mazu is sailing well to weather in light air.  The crew reports that they have been able to sail far more than they thought they would, thanks to her design and our new head sail, a light air drifter

With a short stop in Apia, Samoa for fuel she is currently on her way to Christmas Island then on to Hawaii.

Stay tuned for further updates…

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Meet the crew, Roy, Bones, John

Fiji Bitters for all at Cardo"s in Denarau

Always end with a sunset 
Mazu made it safe and sound to Hawaii. Here she will sit a Ko Olina marina awaiting the Pacific High to form. Our great crew will return to sail her on into Seattle Washington...

UPDATE: July 12, 2015
Mazu is now on her way to Seattle! The crew says she is sailing "like a dream" You can follow her by going to Pacific Seafarer's net, and click on the YOTREPs link. Scroll down until you se Mazu, click on "track".

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