Sunday, July 12, 2009

Leaving Port Townsend

Today Mel is taking the boat up to Anacortes. As we have the van in Port Townsend I will drive it up. We want to keep a car in Anacortes so we can visit Mel's Mom in Portland as often as we can.

Brion and Gordon finished up with the rigging projects (well most of them, we still have a few "fussy" things we want to do that can wait until the end of summer). While we did not expect to stay in PT as long as we did I feel it was valuable time well spent. Mel and I know more about our boat and we have a sturdier boat for it.

Brion taught me how to splice a loop into a rope and how to whip an end... good skills to know!

Last night we were treated to a spectacular lightning and thunder storm and today it is misty and foggy.

I am posting a picture of Mel and Brion Toss on Mazu...

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gusterbunny said...

Hey Bunco Babe! We missed you last weren't there to keep us on task, so we ate, drank, gossiped, and didn't play Bunco!!! We rolled off for the prizes. That's what happens when you leave us alone :)
Miss you~ Glenna