Thursday, July 9, 2009

We have been in lovely Port Townsend getting work done by Brion Toss Rigger. They do fantastic work and we have been learning a lot about rigging and our boat. He tried to convince me to get a lesson on going to the top of the mast but I begged out. I am convinced that Mel and I will just have to flounder around in the ocean if something happens to our rigging that would require one of us to go "aloft"....

Here a picture of Brion going to the top of our mast



gusterbunny said...

Hello girlfriend! It's so good to hear from you~ Keep in touch, I love the pictures! Maybe you should reconsider learning to climb the rigging..... Seriously, I miss you~ Glenna

SharonMV said...

Dear Elaine,
I'm with you - no climbing the rigging! The boat looks beautiful. How do like Port Townsed? My very good friend, Elizabeth, lives just a ferry ride away, in Victoria. Lookinf forward to more blogs about your ocean journey.