Thursday, August 12, 2010

Newport Oregon to San Francisco

We departed Newport at 6:30 on Sunday Aug. 8th. We soon had favorable winds and sailed mostly southerly. We stayed about 20 t0 30 miles off shore. Today we are sailing with a full main and Genoa winds are 15-18 knots and we are going about 6.5 knots, with calm seas. In the evening we tuck in a reef and switch to our jib.

Over the next two days we have favorable winds and were able to go up to 10-12 knots for a while but the average seems to be 6-7 knots.

We have had a few problems, one is when Roy and I tried to furl the jib and it would not budge. It was all hands on deck and we figured out the problem. It was the spinnaker halyard. We left it on the whisker pole earlier that day, it was getting wrapped around the jib and "putting on the brake" of the furler. All in all a very minor problem. We are also noticing an issue with our goose neck fitting (the part that connect the boom to the mast). The screws are working their way out, not a good thing. We keep and eye on it and will repair in S.F.

Roy and I were treated to a wonderful dolphin show when a pod of dolphins played at the bow of our boat. We also saw whales 2- 3 times. Poor Mel and Steve did not get the show.

It is funny that it is getting colder as we move south?? We did not expect that. Morning and evening watches are cold and foggy. Thank goodness for radar.

We arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge at about 1p.m. on Wednesday the 11th. We celebrate with champagne.

We will spend several days here visiting family and getting repairs done on the boat, and other chores like laundry and shopping.

Sadly we say good-by to Roy and Steve today. A better crew we could not have had. Thank you Roy and Steve.

Well friends and family, this is the end of the first leg of our journey. From here to San Diego it will be just Mel and I gunk-holeing down the California Coast. Our next stop will be my home town, Santa Cruz.

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