Sunday, December 5, 2010

Se Habla- La Paz

We are still in La Paz. We have spent some more time in La Paz after our last excursion to the islands. We have been waiting for another boat to arrive that is delivering some parts for us from the U.S. As it is difficult to get things shipped to Mexico this is a common way to get parts for your boat. It is taking a long time though because there was a big "northern" that kept the boat from contiueing to La Paz from Cabo.

We decided to take advantage of our extra time here with Spanish lessons. There is a great little school here called Se Habla...La Paz. We were only able to take a weeks worth of lessons but it has been very helpful.

We learned the proper pronunciation of the vowels. Learned to conjugate verbs etc. We now have a good base to contiue to practice on our own.

We truly have enjoyed La Paz. It is a great city with lots of things to do and see. The people are very friendly, it is a good spot for cruisers. There is even a club for cruisers here that sponsores a morning "net" in the vhf radio and publishes a handy guide to services in La Paz.

The parts we have been waiting for arrived on Friday (Dec. 3rd) so we are now free to explore the area. We will take another short trip to the islands here. We fly home on Dec. 11th for 3 weeks, so there will not be further postings until the first of the year.
The picture is in La Paz looking down the Malacon and the pangas on the beach.

Happy Holidays !!