Sunday, January 16, 2011

La Paz to Chamela

We left La Paz in a "Northern". This is a weather term that they use here. It usually means that there will be very high winds coming from the North into the Sea of Cortez. This causes an uncomfortable seas. Most folks wait it out prior to making a crossing to the mainland. Most people are making a crossing to Mazatlan and then they may head south along the coast. We wanted to head further south so we looked at several weather predictions and decided that we would be fine as we were heading south east rather that a straight east.
We have invited Al and his wife Barb to come along to help crew. It is easier for watches etc. to have an extra hand or two.
It took us 72 hours to make it to Chamela.
The first day and most of the second we had favorable winds but high lumpy seas. This made it difficult to get meals prepared but the boat sailed fine. We were able to make good time during this.

We are currently anchored on the east side of Isla Pajerera in Bahia (Bay) Chamela. Last evening we hired a panga to take us to shore where we ate one of the small palapa's on the beach. The panga then took us back to the boat. Along the way he gave us fishing tips..

We will head to the next anchorage soon on our way to Manzanillo.

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SharonMV said...

Hi Elaine & Mel!
Glad you made it across the Sea.Now you'll get to see the cost of mainland Mexico. I hope you'll post some pictures & also blog about your journey south. Any differences in the sea-life, coastal terrain as opposed to Baja?
I'm glad you've got a crew with you to help. Looking forward to your next post here.