Friday, February 18, 2011

Leaving Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa February 18, 2001

We will leave early tomorrow morning to catch the high tide needed to exit this marina. We are heading north as we contiue our exploration up the mainland of Mexico. We will take 2 days to get to Manzanillo, the first major harbor. Here we will rest and provision for our next sail to Puerto Vallarta where we plan to stay for several weeks.

Mel's daughter Kristine, her Husband Brian and our granddaughters were visiting here this week at Ixtapa Club Med. We were able to enjoy a day in Z-town with them. The next day we had a fun eveing at Club Med where we had a great meal. We were entertained by the kids show, a fun music and dance extravaganza. Mary and Katie did a fine performance, we were very proud.

While we have enjoyed our time in the marina and seeing family here, we found Ixtapa to be very expensive. It is really only here for the tourista's. The only thing cheap is the bus ride from the marina to Z-town, only 8 pesos (70 cents). It was fun to take it to town to run our errands. Our other great find here was the best hamburgers at Ruben's.

One of the things we purchased while we were here is a wi-fi card from the Mexican cell phone company TelCel, so I am hopeful that I will have internet more often. If I do I should be able to post to the blog regularly.
The pictures in this post are (left to right): Mel and Kristing in Z-town), Mel and I in a resturant at the Marina Ixtapa, Mazu in here slip at the marina, Mary and Katie at Club Med, Katie dancing in the show, Mary dancing in the show.

Thanks to all who are reading and posting comments.

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