Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa

Here are some pictures that I have taken here in Z-town and Ixtapa.
  1. A crocadile in the marina Ixtapa. This was taken just off the back of our boat, less that 20 ft. from us, (Yikes!)
  2. Mel on the walking bath from Playa Madera to Playa Ropa at Bahia Zihuatenajo.
  3. A view of the fishing pangas at Playa Madera. This next to where we land our dingy when we want to go ashore.
  4. Sunset at anchor at Isl. Ixtapa
  5. A afternoon basketball game in Z-Town, note it is right by the beach. This is also next to the town "square" where there is music on Tue. and Thurs. nights. Other nights families and teens gather and the young children play in the court.
  6. Me by the bus station
  7. Boats at anchor in the bay (Z-Town, this is where we spent about a week)

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