Sunday, October 14, 2012

New sailing "season"

Dear Friends and Family,
In October Mel and I returned to La Paz Mexico where Mazu rested over the summer.  As we worked to get her ready for sailing Mel became ill. We had to return to Oregon to sort it all out. It turns out that he had an abcess from a leaking appendix.

After that issue was resolved we returned to La Paz to sail MAZU to Mazatlan for a haul-out appointment. Here she is waiting for us to return from Oregon (yes, we came home again for the holidays) to complete the haul-out work.

Just to keep it interesting we must return to Oregon at the end of January for what we hope will be the last time as Mel will have his appendix removed.

We then hope to start our new adventures on Mazu. Our plan is to cross the Pacific and contiue our journey in the South Pacific Islands. If all the planets align we will "puddle jump" sometime in March of 2013.

I have found a blog site that will allow me to post even while crossing the Pacific, using my SSB radio, so I will soon change over to that blog site. When it is up a running I will post the address here.  If I have your email address I will also be sending you and email.

In the mean time I will finnish off Mexico on this blog site, so stay tuned....

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