Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sea of Cortez Spring 2012 (cut short)

We are finally ready to make our way up in to Sea of Cortez again. We plan on meeting Judy Cole in Loretto in May. In the mean time we will visit our favorite places, find new anchorages, and new places to explore.

We are also looking forward to breaking in our new dinghy.

Before we left we had word that Mel's lung surgery date may moved up, so we head up with a shortened schedule.

We explore estuaries, kyak and fish in Augua Verde and make our way to Loretto where we will be able to access the Internet.
In Loretto we learn  Mel's surgery is moved to May 20th !!! wow only 2 weeks away. Our only choice is to hurry back to La Paz, missing our time with Judy and get Mazu ready for the summer hurricane season.

An over night trip gets us back to Marina de La Paz, and the work begins.

Dinner and Dancing with Renia and Bill in La Paz
Estuary Tour with Captain Mel

Mel relaxing with "Bird"


Dr.Bryson performs minor surgery. Those dental tools come in handy

Mazu is put to bed for the summer

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