Friday, July 11, 2008

Echo Bay, Broughton Achipelego, marine park

We had a rough couple of days trying to get to the Broughtons. The Johnstone Strait(JS) was very windy and rough the last couple of days so we had to find anchorages in various places. We finally made it today. Wow what a difference, the JS was a monster for two days, we kept trying to make our way up it but to no avail. But today (July 11th) it was a smooth as glass, what a difference. We are now in the friendly marina in Echo Bay. We just came back from Happy Hour with the various local color folks who make this area there home, and the folks who are visiting. We had a great time listening to the local spin their yarns. Sorry I cannot send pictures, as the Internet here is limited in its capacity. Today was a great day!

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