Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 12 – 15 Echo Bay and Turnbill Cove

Another day is spent at Echo Bay. We take a scenic walk to visit the school (a small one-building school) It is sad as this was the last year it will be open. There were not enough students to keep it going. Like with all small communities the school becomes the heart of the community. I spoke with the teacher and she is hopeful to get a grant to make this an outdoor type of school. She is looking a partnering with some of the First Nation tribes on the Islands to see if she can make it work. I give her my email address and let her know I am willing to help in her grant writing efforts. We also visit Billy Proctors “museum” it is a collection of finds he has made while beach combing, and other misc. artifacts he has collected that represents the history of the Islands. He is a really neat fellow and a wealth of local knowledge. While he spent his life here working in the woods and fishing he is now an adamant environmental activist for the area he loves. He has written two books, we purchase one of them.

We have a great dinner at the Marina, Pierre’ (the owner) and his wife Tove do a pig roast every Saturday night.

We leave Echo Bay on Sunday to head further north. Our first attempt to go up the Queen Charlotte Strait is not successful there is too much wind. We back track and stay in O’Brien Bay at the end of Simoom Sound. It is very pretty and quiet so we stay the next day also to relax and catch up on some boat chores.

Tuesday we make it up the Queen Charlotte Sound. We are greeted by a pod of dolphins; we believe they are feeding as they are jumping around. We stay and watch them. We are also in cell phone range so we check messages and make a few calls.

The end of the day finds us in Turnbill cove, Wow! We are surrounded by mountains, trees, and wildlife. While there are about 10 other boats here we do not feel crowded, like we are on our own little island. There is a trail to a small lake that we plan on taking tomorrow.

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