Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunset at Potts Lagoon (July 21)

We had a nice sunset at our anchor spot in Potts Lagoon. The anchorage is shallow and after being the second boat in, it became very crowded with strong winds blowing in Clio Channel and few other good choices in the immediate area. Just off to the right are several floating homes that are very rustic, one that has has a sign advertising wilderness adventures. I think they mostly use them to come up and fish and crab. We are having continuing problems with the boat 'house' batteries, plus something has clogged the the water intake for the generator. We have been concerned for awhile about an apparent steady decrease in battery capacity. Instead of spending the day and evening at Village Island to explore the many native sights we will head to Port McNeil tomorrow to buy some tools, testing equipment, work on the boat, and hook up to shore power. Port McNeil is the largest town in these parts and is on Vancouver Isl. As a bonus we will be able to replenish our fresh food stock and maybe have a meal in a restaurant.

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